Do You Have An Excellent Business And Don’t Get To Find The Apt Buyers For Your Goods? Then Trade 4 Money Is The Exact Place For You

Trade 4 Money is an online business portal that connects thousands of small scale business owners and helps them find the ideal trading partners for their businesses. This is a wonderful site where one can buy and sell the goods of and for their businesses respectively. It is one of the largest e-trading business portals in India which benefits thousands of small scale businesses.

Its main function is to find the perfect trading partners for the businesses. The members of this site can post their business requirements in the site and search for the trader. The advanced search functions in this site enhance the trade search and thus it finds the apt business trader for the seeker.

Trader related information is not restricted just with India but it expands to the whole world

Trader information for any kind of business is available in this site. From agriculture field to complex electronics, trader information of any product can be found in this site at ease. This site just gives the contacts of the traders and it is not a trading site. For SMB’s with low trading scale, this site is an excellent connecting tool to grow the business.

How do I start if I want to sell?

To trade for a business or to find the potential buyers for your goods, follow the steps:

  • Go to the link http://buyer_view/

  • Enter the product or the name of the service.

  • Select the country and the category of business to narrow down your search (these are optional)

  • Then click on the ‘Search’ button.

A list of the potential buyers who have already posted for buying your product can be seen. From this list, find some buyers for your product.

If you have an account registered with Alibaba Script, then you can login and post the quotation details to the buyers.

In case you do not have an account, you can register at this link and begin to trade with Trade4money.


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